Using Connected Service

Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP

1 SWITCH VEHICLE With the MyMazda APP, remote operation and information confirmation can be done for a single vehicle. If multiple vehicles have been registered and you want to switch to a different vehicle, touch the vehicle and then touch CONFIRM.
2 LOGOUT Logs you out of the system.
Registering Your User Information/System Login/Logging Out of the System


With INBOX, the information received by the MyMazda APP can be confirmed.

Select INBOX from the MENU.
The small numeral next to INBOX indicates the number of unread messages.

  • Messages are displayed together with the day they were received and grouped such as [Today] and [This Month].
  • Messages include the title and the received date with the message text displayed on two lines.
  • When confirming the details of a message, touch the message.
1 Action Tab Messages can be deleted and settings can be changed.
2 Category Tab Switches the message category.
  • Safety & Security
  • Activity History
  • News & Update
  • Maintenance
  • Vehicle Status
3 Flag Unread message
Important message
  • You can select/mark unread messages in your inbox as read all at once.
    If you want to mark messages as read all at once, touch [Select All] in the upper right corner of the received list.
  • You can select/delete messages in your inbox all at once.
  • Category Tab

    • Safety & Security
      Provides a malfunction notice from the vehicle. Although information about serious malfunctions are displayed on the Home screen and the standby display of the device, all information including information other than that of severe malfunctions can be confirmed in Safety & Security.
      Using Vehicle Malfunction Notification
    • Active History
      You can check the results of an operation that was made using Remote Control. This message is the same information that is displayed by pop-up when the Remote Control is operated.
      Using Remote Control
    • Maintenance
      You can check information related to maintenance in the Vehicle Health Report. If there is an important notification, it may be displayed on the home screen and the standby screen of the device, but all information can be checked here.
      Using Vehicle Monitor and Alert/Vehicle Health Report


    With PROFILE, you can check registered user information and make changes.

    The following information can be updated by the Action Tab.


    With MyMazda, you can check for information related to registered vehicles and Mazda dealers.


    You can check/set your vehicle information.

    The following information can be updated by the Action Tab.

    1 Vehicle Tab If you have registered two or more vehicles, the target vehicles for the MyMazda APP can be switched.
    2 Vehicle Name Displays the vehicle name, model year, and VIN, and whether you are enrolled in Connected Service.
    3 VEHICLE INFO/DRIVERS Tab Switches the vehicle information and registered driver information to display. When you touch [MANAGE DRIVERS], you can register additional drivers, do editing, and make deletions.
    Changing Registered Information

    If you are not enrolled in Connected Service, the ENROLL button is displayed in Vehicle Name. Touch ENROLL to enroll in Connected Service.
    Registering Vehicle Information/Step 7


    You can confirm/set your preferred dealer.

    The following information can be updated by the Action Tab.

    1 Dealer Name Name of My Preferred Dealer.
    2 DEALER WEBSITE Displays the website of the Mazda dealership which has already been registered as the preferred dealer.
    3 VIEW SERVICE OFFERS You can check valuable information provided by My Preferred Dealer. (U.S.A)
    4 SCHEDULE SERVICE Displays the service-in reservation screen to My Preferred Dealer.


    Provides Owner's Manual and reference material.

    1 VEHICLE HOW-TO You can check useful How-tos to make better use of your vehicle. (U.S.A)
    2 OWNER'S MANUAL You can check the owner’s manual.
    3 SMART START GUIDE You can check the smart start guide.
    4 APPLE CARPLAY™ You can check the manuals of Apple Carplay™. (U.S.A)
    5 ANDROID AUTO™ You can check the manuals of Android Auto™. (U.S.A)
    6 MAZDA CONNECT You can check the manuals of Mazda Connect.
    • From the menu of Owner's Manual, you can read various manuals such as operation methods.
    • If the manual is PDF file, confirmation message is displayed.


    Provides information and schedules for vehicle maintenance and service.

    1 MAINTENANCE & SCHEDULE Enables service appointments to be scheduled and confirms set appointments.
    2 SERVICE HISTORY Enables a maintenance service to be registered as service history.
    3 SERVICE REMINDER Enables a reminder to be set for a service appointment.
    4 SERVICE OFFERS Displays voucher(s) provided by My Preferred Dealer.
    5 E-gift


    Enables a service appointment to be scheduled with the dealer.

    *Display differs depending on the market

    1 I'M NEW HERE Enables a new service appointment to be scheduled.
    2 FIND ME Displays a set service appointment.
    3 SIGN IN Enables logging into Schedule Service.
    4 I'M IN A HURRY Registers a service-in without logging in.


    You can check for recall information.

    1 VIN Enter the VIN. If the vehicle selection has been completed, automatic entry is done.
    2 SEARCH Searches for relative recall information based on the VIN.

    Refer to the illustrations for the barcode and VIN positions.


    You can search for Mazda vehicles.


    You can access applications for a more convenient car life.


    Enables Roadside Assistance to be requested and confirmation of information on the request.

    *Display differs depending on the market

    1 Check status of an Existing Request Checks the status of the roadside assistance requested. Follow the on-screen guidance, specify the vehicle, and check the status.
    2 CONTACT US Makes inquiries by email to Roadside Assistance.
    3 CALL ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Makes a phone call to Roadside Assistance.
    4 Request Roadside Assistance Contacts Roadside Assistance.
    Enter the necessary information according to the guidance on the displayed screen.


    Enables a variety of useful information to be checked.

    *Display differs depending on the market


    Displays frequently asked questions about the vehicle and service.

    Onboarding Experience

    Introduces the merits of a premium owner.

    Quick Links

    Links to the related information.

    Contact Mazda

    Opens the access page to the customer center.
    The customer center can be accessed via:

    • Chat
    • Phone
    • Email

    Enter the information according to the displayed screen.

    Terms & Conditions

    Displays each type of term and condition.

    Terms & Conditions may be subject to changes.

    Privacy Policy

    Displays each type of privacy policy.

    The Privacy Policy may be subject to changes.


    You can make settings for the MyMazda APP.

    1 Enable Face ID Enables or disables Face ID for the device. Refer to the manual of the device in order to confirm whether Face ID can be used with the device.
    2 24 hour display The 24-Hour display setting can be switched.
    3 Driver Alerts Notification conditions can be set to your cell phone.
    Using Guest Driver Alert
    4 Enable Last Kilometre Navigation (Canada) Enable Last Kilometre Navigation function can be set to on/off.
    Using Send to Car
    5 Vehicle Status Alert Sets whether or not to receive Vehicle Status Alerts.
    Using Vehicle Monitor and Alert
    6 Remote Control Displays the request results when using the Remote Control.
    Using Remote Control
    7 News & Update Sets whether or not to receive Information notifications.
    Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP/INBOX
    8 Version Number Displays the MyMazda APP version number.
    • Depending on your cell phone, Face ID (item 1 above) may change to Touch ID.
    • If the Face ID or Touch ID setting on your cell phone has not been enabled, item 1 above will not be displayed.
    • You can individually set whether or not to receive Vehicle Status Alerts. (Setting items are different from each model.)
    • You will receive notifications when you enable push notifications on your cell phone.