Using Connected Service

Using In-Car Wi-Fi (If applicable)

In order to initiate the use of in-car Wi-Fi, configure the Wi-Fi settings using the center display and enter into a contract using your Wi-Fi device.

Wi-Fi Setting Procedure at the Vehicle

Select [settings] from the MENU.

Select Connectivity Settings.

Select [Wi-Fi Settings].

1 Wi-Fi Hotspot Turn on to enable in-car Wi-Fi at your vehicle.
2 SSID Sets the SSID name to connect the Wi-Fi device in the vehicle as in-car Wi-Fi.
3 Wi-Fi Password Sets a password for when connecting to the SSID
4 Hide Access Point When set to on, the SSID for the in-car Wi-Fi is set so as not to display the access point. (Only those who know the SSID can connect.)
5 Wi-Fi Security Type Sets the security type for when using the SSID for the in-car Wi-Fi. You should set the security level as high as possible in conjunction with your connected Wi-Fi device.
6 Wi-Fi Channel Sets the channel for use by the SSID for the in-car Wi-Fi.
7 Connected Devices Displays the number of devices connected to the current in-car Wi-Fi.

When the Wi-Fi settings at the vehicle are completed, connect your Wi-Fi device to the SSID.

Contract With Your Wi-Fi Device

If the Wi-Fi connection screen does not automatically appear on your device, launch the web browser.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the contract.

Once the contract is completed, the Internet can be used.
Set the Wi-Fi on the device that will be using the Internet.

  • The in-car Wi-Fi service uses the vehicle’s communication unit. For this reason, before using the in-car Wi-Fi, it is necessary to complete enrollment to Connected Service.
  • Before enrolling in Connected Service, the Wi-Fi setting screen cannot be selected by the vehicle.
  • With an in-car Wi-Fi service contract, always connect to the Wi-Fi set at the vehicle.
    You cannot contract using your mobile phone network.
  • In-car Wi-Fi supports connections for up to five devices at the same time.