What You Can Do With Connected Service

Automatic 911 dialing

If the vehicle is involved in a moderate to severe collision, a call is made automatically to 911 using the connected device. The “Emergency Assistance Call” setting must be on.
Refer to Mazda Connect Owner's Manual.

Though the system can be set to not call 911, doing so will defeat the purpose of the system.
Mazda recommends that the automatic 911 dialing system remain activated.

  • Automatic 911 dialing is a secondary function of the MAZDA CONNECT system. Therefore, the automatic 911 dialing function does not assure that the call will always be made to 911 after an accident occurs.
  • Before setting this feature on, please make sure that you read our Privacy Statement.

The Automatic 911 dialing service is available even if you are not subscribed to Connected Service. For details, refer to the Mazda Connect Owner’s Manual.