Using Connected Service

Using Online Update

With Online Update, Mazda Connect updates (online update) are possible.

Automatic Update Confirmation Setting

Select System from the Settings.

Select Software Update.

Check the box for Automatically Check for Updates to turn it on and periodically check if there is software to be updated. If it is turned off, update checks are not done.

Updating Software Manually

Select Check for Software Updates as shown on the screen above.

If there is a software version that can be updated, you can update it. Select Update, agree to the terms of use, and then begin the update.The update proceeds in the order of downloading and then installing.

When the installation is finished, switch the ignition OFF/power switch OFF once and then restart the engine to enable the latest software.

  • Online Update cannot handle some updates. In this case, it is necessary to have a dealer do the update.
  • Mazda Connect can be used as normal even while an Online Update is being done.
    The Online Update proceeds in the background even while the navigation or an entertainment screen is displayed.
  • Even when downloading or installing updated software, the ignition switch/power switch can be switched OFF and the vehicle can be used as usual. The next time the ignition switch/power switch is switched ON, the Online Update will automatically proceed from where it was stopped.
  • The information and data you have set will not be deleted by the Online Update.