About Connected Service

Changing Registered Information

There are largely 2 types of information controlled by the MyMazda APP.

Profile information (customer information)

Vehicle information (Mazda vehicle information)

The following is an explanation of how each of the data is edited:

Changing Your Profile

Touch Action Tab on the profile screen. Select the required operation from the following:

Change Email
If you change your email address, the user account (email address) for logging into the system will also be changed.
Change Password
Your password for logging into the system is changed.
Edit Profile
Profile information such as your address can be edited.

If you touch [DELETE ACCOUNT] on the profile editing screen opened by touching [Edit Profile], the service cancel screen is opened. Be aware that deleting your account ends your subscription to Connected Service.
Ending Use of Connected Service

If your email address and phone number are changed, the validation process needs to be redone.

Changing Vehicle Information

Touch [Edit Vehicle] from the Action Tab on the MY VEHICLES screen.

Add Vehicle
Registers the vehicle to the user account.
Registering Vehicle Information
Edit Vehicle
The vehicle information can be edited.
Unsubscribe Connected Services
Ends your subscription of the vehicle to Connected Service.
Ending Use of Connected Service

Registers and changes a secondary driver in the vehicle information for each vehicle.
You can register separate preferred dealer information.

If multiple vehicles are registered, register the information after switching to the vehicle to which you want it set.
Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP

  • [Unsubscribe Connected Services] is displayed by a vehicle currently being enrolled in Connected Service.
  • When you touch [Delete Vehicle] on the vehicle editing screen, the vehicle deletion screen is displayed. Be aware that your Connected Service contract is canceled by deleting your vehicle.
  • Changing Your Preferred Dealer

    Touch [MY MAZDA] on the menu screen, [My Preferred Dealer], and then [Edit Dealer].

    Search for a dealer you want to register to a new preferred dealer, touch SET PREFERRED DEALER, and follow the instructions on the screen.

    *Display differs depending on the market