What You Can Do With Connected Service

Vehicle Monitor and Alert

The status of certain features on the vehicle can be checked with the MyMazda APP.
Furthermore, the MyMazda APP is notified when conditions presumed to be user oversight, such as forgetting to lock the vehicle doors, are detected.

Vehicle Health Report
Vehicle maintenance related information such as engine oil or tire pressure can be checked using the MyMazda APP and the App can be set to notify the customer when set maintenance schedules are approaching. The Vehicle Health Report information can also be accessed by dealers or the Customer Experience Center via the Connected Service system, ensuring maintenance discussions are accurate.

Vehicle Status
Information such as the amount of fuel remaining can be checked using the MyMazda APP to properly prepare for long trips.

Vehicle Status Alert
The MyMazda APP is notified if vehicle conditions considered to be user oversight are detected, such as forgetting to lock the doors or forgetting to turn off the hazard warning lights. MyMazda APP is notified of the following items:
Doors, hood, trunk, or liftgate left open/unlocked and hazard warning lights left turned on Concerning the doors left unlocked and the hazard warning lights left turned on, you can use the Remote Control to remotely operate them.
Using Vehicle Monitor and Alert