Using Connected Service

Using the MyMazda APP Main Navigation Menu


Certain features of the vehicle can be remotely controlled using the MyMazda APP.
Using Remote Control



Checks the maintenance information of vehicles.
Using Vehicle Monitor and Alert/Vehicle Health Report


Enables communication with Roadside Assistance and Mazda customer center.


Enables information about facilities on the map such as Mazda dealers to be searched.

The past search history is displayed on the search screen.
By touching [HISTORY], the past search history and history (10 items) sent as navigation destinations to the vehicle can be checked.

Touching a searched facility displays its detailed information and enables the following information to be checked.

Displays the distance to a search result from this device.
  • Location
    Used when sending multiple facility information as destinations to the vehicle navigation.
    Using Send to Car
  • Share
    Enables the facility information to be shared with SNS, email, among others.
  • Favorite
    Enables searched spots to be added to Favorites.
  • Navigate
    Launches the device’s navigation to set the searched spot as the destination.
POI detail

Displays detailed facility information.

  • Addresses
  • Websites
  • Phone numbers
  • Service Offers (Only with dealers) (U.S.A)
    Touch [Service Offers] to check valuable information for that dealer.
  • Schedule Service (Only with dealers)
    Touch [Schedule Service] to display the service-in reservation screen to the dealer.
SET PREFERRED DEALER (Only with dealers)

Touch SET PREFERRED DEALER to set this dealer as your preferred dealer.

If a dealer that is already the Preferred Dealer is touched, CURRENT PREFERRED DEALER will be displayed.

Send to Car
Enables facility information to be sent as a destination to the vehicle's navigation system.
Using Send to Car