Using Connected Service

Explanation of the Home Screen

When you launch the MyMazda APP, the Home screen is displayed.

1 MAP Opens the map screen.
Using the MyMazda APP MAP
2 MENU Displays the menu.
Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP
3 Vehicle Information The vehicle model name and remaining fuel are automatically switched and displayed.
4 Main Navigation This is the navigation menu.
Using the MyMazda APP Main Navigation Menu
5 Open Remote Commands Displays the remote control icon.
Using Remote Control

Charge Status EV/PHEV

Displays the charging cable connection status and charge status.

Charge cable not connected.
Charge cable connected and standing-by for charging.

Remote Charge EV/PHEV

Displays the Remote Charge icon.
Using Remote Control
8 Remote Engine Start Displays the Remote Engine Start/Stop icon.
Using Remote Control