What You Can Do With Connected Service

Remote Control

The vehicle can be operated remotely from a device using the MyMazda APP.

Remote Engine Start / Remote Engine Stop GE/DE
To ensure that the cabin is comfortable before getting into the vehicle, the engine can be started with the same set climate control temperature as when the engine was previously turned off. This is useful when the weather is extremely cold or extremely hot.

Remote Door Lock / Remote Door Unlock
If the driver forgets to lock the vehicle doors, they can be locked using the MyMazda APP without having to return to the vehicle. The doors can also be unlocked for passengers near the vehicle who do not have a key. A Vehicle Status Alert function can be set to notify the driver if they have forgotten to lock the doors.

Remote Hazard Light
The hazard lights can also be turned off remotely to prevent draining the battery if they are left on. A Vehicle Status Alert function can be set to notify the driver if the hazard lights are left on.

Remote Charge Control EV/PHEV
Once you have your vehicle ready for charging, you can start and stop the charging from the MyMazda APP.
For details on charging, refer to the vehicle owner's manual.

Remote Climate Control EV/PHEV
During the hot summer and cold winter months, you can make the temperature inside the vehicle comfortable by operating the remote climate control before your departure. Additionally, you can stop the remote climate control and select defogging.
For details on the climate control and defogging, refer to the vehicle owner’s manual.
Using Remote Control