Using Connected Service

Using Vehicle Finder

The Vehicle Finder has two functions: One is to display the vehicle position on a map and the other is to flash the hazard warning lights for visual confirmation of the vehicle. Additionally, when the hazard warning lights flash, the horn sounds 2 times.
(The number of times the hazard warning lights flash differs depending on the vehicle model.)

Flashing of Hazard Warning Lights

Touch on the menu screen to request flashing of the hazard warning lights.

Touch on the menu screen to stop flashing of the hazard warning lights.

Displaying the Vehicle Position on a Map

To display the vehicle position information, touch from the MyMazda APP menu and then touch .

When you touch the position information, the distance of the vehicle from your cell phone displayed by the MyMazda APP, the address where the vehicle is located, and the parking time are displayed. When you touch [FLASH LIGHT], the vehicle’s hazard warning lights flash and the horn sounds 2 times. (The number of times the lights flash differs depending on the vehicle model)

  • When the vehicle is in a location subject to weak radio wave signals, such as an underground parking garage, communication with the system may be difficult, therefore, the location indication may be incorrect and/or operations may not be able to be performed.
  • Information related to height, such as the number of floors of a multistory parking garage is not displayed.
  • The Vehicle Finder refers to information at the time the ignition switch/power switch was switched OFF.
  • If the vehicle’s hazard warning light switch is on (lights are flashing), the hazard warning lights cannot flash using the Vehicle Finder. (Even if you touch on the cell phone screen to turn it off, the hazard warning lights cannot flash)
  • TypeA TypeC TypeD

    - If any door /trunk/ liftgate is open, the vehicle finder will not function.
    - The hazard warning light flashing can be stopped by performing any of the following operations while they are flashing:

    • Any door, the trunk or liftgate is opened.
    • The ignition switch/power switch is switched ON or the engine is started using the push button start.

    - If the ignition has not been switched ON for a long period of time and the doors are repeatedly opened and closed causing low remaining battery charge, a message is displayed on the multi-information display and a low battery charge warning beep may be activated for some vehicles. In this case, the following Connected Service functions will not be available.
    Vehicle Status Alert / Remote Control / Vehicle Finder (lights are flashing only)