Using Connected Service

Using Temporary Deactivation TypeB TypeC TypeD

This mode disables the onboard communication unit temporarily to stop the vehicle’s data communication. Additionally, the disabled onboard communication unit can be enabled. Mazda Connect is used for making the setting.
For details on Mazda Connect, refer to the Mazda Connect user’s manual.

Select [Settings] from the Mazda Connect menu, and then select [System Settings].

Select [Connected Services].

Select [OK].

After a few moments, a screen is displayed indicating [Connected Service] as unchecked and then the setting is completed.

Even if data communication has been stopped, Automatic 911 dialing will operate.

  • If there is no check mark next to [Connected Service] on the screen in Step 2, the onboard communication unit is disabled.
    With the check box not selected, select [Connected Services] and then [OK] to enable the data communication function of the onboard communication unit.
  • If the power switch is switched OFF while the onboard communication unit is disabled, a notification that the Connected Service is disabled will be displayed on the center display the next time the power switch is switched ON.

When [Enable] is selected, the onboard communication unit is enabled and data communication begins.
If you want to continue disabling data communication, select [Cancel].

If the communication function is stopped, the following functions cannot be used:
 -Malfunction Notification
 -Remote Control
 -Vehicle Status
 -Vehicle Finder
 -Send to Car
 -Online Update
 -in-car Wi-Fi