About Connected Service

Registering Vehicle Information

Registers the information for the vehicle that uses Connected Service to the MyMazda App.

From the menu, touch MYMAZDA and then [MYVEHICLE].

Touch [Add Vehicle] from the action tab.

Touch SCAN VIN and have the camera read the barcode.
If the barcode could not be read or when entering the VIN manually, touch [Cancel] and enter the VIN.

Make sure that the scanned VIN has been entered correctly.

  • Permission to read the VIN using your cell phone camera is rquired.
  • For the barcode and VIN positions, refer to the illustrations.
  • Touch [When do I find my VIN?] to locate the VIN plate.
  • If your customer information is registered with a dealer,the VIN may already be displayed.

After entering the VIN, touch VALIDATE.

Make sure that the scanned VIN has been entered correctly.

If there is no problem with the VIN authentication, touch NEXT to register the vehicle information.
If the authentication was not successful, make sure that the VIN is correct and then enter the correct VIN.

Enter the necessary information according to the instructions on the screen.
After entering, touch SUBMIT.

*Display differs depending on the market

Touch ENROLL to register Connected Service.
If you touch DO IT LATER, the procedure ends without registering to Connected Service.
In this case, touch [ENROLL] from the MY VEHICLES screen at a later time to register the service.
Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP/MYMAZDA/MY VEHICLES

If the vehicle has already been enrolled in Connected Service by another user, verify that you will take over the contract.
If you are taking over the contract, touch YES and then touch START on the next screen.
The steps that follow are the same as from Registering Connected Service .

Do not take over the contract unless you have proper ownership of the vehicle. When you take over, the previous primary and secondary users will be unenrolled automatically, and the previous primary user will receive a notification of being taken over.