Using Connected Service

Using Guest Driver Alert TypeD

When you set the following notification conditions in the MyMazda APP, a notification will be sent to your cell phone when the conditions are met.


When you set the speed, you will receive a notification if the set speed is exceeded.
One speed can be registered in increments of 5km/h(5mph).


When you set the day of the week and time of day, you will receive a notification when the ignition is switched ON under the set conditions or when the vehicle is driven at the set time.
Up to seven-day/time combinations can be registered in total.


When you set a designated area on the map, you will receive a notification when entering or leaving the designated area.
The designated area can be set by selecting an area with a radius of 0.1 km to 1,000 km (0.1 miles to 621 miles) after determining the central point in the map or keyword search.
Up to three of these designated areas can be registered in total.

Notification settings (Speed limit)

  • When a notification setting is changed while the ignition is switched ON, the change is applied the next time the ignition is switched ON.
  • Only the primary driver can change the notification settings.
  • Secondary drivers may also receive notifications, however, the settings must be set by the primary driver.
  • If the vehicle is in a location with poor reception, such as an underground parking garage, communication with the system may be difficult and notifications to cell phone may not be possible.