About Connected Service

Registering Your User Information

When using the MyMazda APP for the first time, your user information needs to be registered.

Touch REGISTER on the login screen.

If your information has already been registered, check your phone number and log on to the system.
Registering Your User Information/System Login/Logging Into the System

Enter your email address.

Enter the email address you want the MyMazda APP to use, and then touch NEXT.

  • Multiple user information cannot be registered under the same email address. Enter an email address that was not used on the MyMazda APP and MyMazda Web.
  • A mailing list address cannot be used as an email address. Do not register a mailing list address.
  • Email addresses in the following formats cannot be entered:
    - There is a dot (.) directly before the at-mark (@) or at the beginning of the email address.
    - There is a series of dots (.) before the at-mark (@).
    - It contains strings of characters other than half-width, alphanumeric characters and some symbols(* and others).

Select your country code and enter your phone number.

Enter the phone number you want the MyMazda APP to use, and then touch NEXT. In addition, touch NEXT on the phone number re-entry screen for confirmation.

Check your SMS for the 6-digit validation code that was sent for the phone number you entered.

  • If you have already signed up for Connected Service, please enter the phone number you registered when signing up.
  • Always select your country of residence as the country code.
  • Register a phone number that is available in your selected country of residence.
    If you register a phone number that is ot available in your country of residence, you will not receive a 6-digit SMS validation code and the registration will not be completed.
  • Enter the validation code.

    Enter the 6-digit validation code sent to your SMS, and then touch SUBMIT.

    • The effective period of use of the validation code sent to your SMS is 10 minutes from when it was issued.
    • A validation code with an expired period of use cannot be used. You can resend the validation code by touching the RESEND button.
    • After entering the validation code, complete your user information registration within 60 minutes.

    Select whether or not to allow access to your contacts, and enter your user information.

    Touch [OK] to automatically display the information registered in your contacts.
    After confirming the displayed content, touch SUBMIT for the last time.

    • You can also edit the user information after it is displayed.
    • When [Don't Allow] is selected, enter the information according to the screen directions and then touch SUBMIT for the last time.
    • Enter a password of 6 to 16 letters, including a combination of letters and numerals. The following letters can be used:
      Alphabet: A to Z and a to z
      Numerals: 0 to 9
      Symbols: @ * $ . ! %
    • If an error occurs, check for entry omission in the required items, a difference between the password and the password used for confirmation, or a mistake in the email address.

    Registering vehicle information.

    Your user information registration is completed.
    Touch ADD VEHICLE to register your vehicle.

    Registering Vehicle Information

    *Display differs depending on the market

    If you do not own a Mazda vehicle, you can experience it in guest mode without registering the vehicle. Touch [Explore Guest Mode] at the bottom of the screen.
    About the Use of Guest Mode

    System Login

    Logging Into the System

    Enter your user name and password on the login screen and touch LOGIN.
    When logged in, the home screen is displayed.
    Explanation of the Home Screen

    1 Country Picker Changes the country setting on the MyMazda APP.
    2 Email Enters your user account.
    3 Password Enters your user password.
    4 Biometric Icon Performs login by biometric authentication. Check the following:
     Your device is compatible with either Face ID or Touch ID.
     Biometric authentication is enabled at SETTINGS on the MyMazda APP.
    Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP/SETTINGS
    5 Keep me logged in Logging in and checking [Keep me logged in] will keep you in logged-in status for 30 days.
    6 Login Logs into the MyMazda APP.
    7 Forgot Password? If you have forgotten your password, touch [Forget Password?].
    A validation code will be sent to your registered email address or phone number. Then, reset your password according to the instructions on the password reset screen on the MyMazda APP.
    8 Register Performs your user registration.
    9 Guest Mode Uses the MyMazda APP in Guest Mode.
    Installing the MyMazda APP/About the Use of Guest Mode
    • If you fail to log in correctly 5 times, you will be unable to log in for 5 minutes.
    • You can also change your password from [Profile].
      Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP/PROFILE
    • If a device has already been already logged in, the login of the device first used is invalidated and logged out.
    • If multiple vehicles are registered, the [SELECT VEHICLE] screen is displayed.
    • If you want to register another vehicle or switch vehicles, they can be switched by touching [SWITCH VEHICLE] at the bottom of the menu screen.
    • Up to 10 vehicles can be registered.
    • By touching [ADD VEHICLE], you can register a vehicle that you can confirm on the MyMazda APP.
      Registering Vehicle Information

    Logging Out of the System

    Touch LOGOUT from the Menu to log out of the system.
    When the confirmation message is displayed, touch [OK].
    Using the Menus of the MyMazda APP

    When logging out, your [Keep me logged in] status and your biometric authentication login settings are canceled.