About This Manual

This manual is a compilation of important user information, methods of use, and the initial settings and registration required in conjunction with starting the use of Connected Service. Regarding details on operations, setting methods, and precautions, refer to the owner’s manual, navigation system owner’s manual, and other types of manuals.

The following WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTE labels indicate items you must always take heed of and items you need to be aware of upon use of the service. Please verify the information in this manual before using the service.

WARNING If you do not heed the information indicated in a WARNING, the service may not operate correctly which could lead to unfavorable consequences for you.
CAUTION The information in a CAUTION describes items you need to be careful of upon use of the service, such as preconditions for use of the service and the limitations of its use.
NOTE A NOTE describes information which can make use of the service more convenient by having knowledge of it.

When displayed in your vehicle, the icon below indicates the following:

Describes detailed information in this manual.
  • For accessories installed by an Authorized Mazda Dealer, refer to the manual included with the accessory.
  • Refer to the separate maintenance note for warranties and inspection details and maintenance points.
  • Operable functions for Connected Service differ depending on the registered vehicle. The information in this manual is for a vehicle subscribed and connected to Connected Service.
    Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer for details.
  • Some of the information in this manual may not match your vehicle or application depending on specification changes of your vehicle or MyMazda APP.
  • The graphic images in this manual differ depending on the registered vehicle.
  • For the purposes of safety, the driver should refrain from operating the system while driving.