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  • What are the benefits of servicing my Mazda at my local dealership?
    • As dealership personnel become familiar with you and your vehicle needs, you’ll enjoy recommendations to keep your Mazda operating at optimum performance. When you are considering trading in your current vehicle, awareness of the vehicle history will help the dealership provide you with the best resale or trade-in value.

  • What do I need to do to import/export my Mazda between Canada and the U.S.A?
    • You require a letter from Mazda certifying your vehicle’s compliance with all safety and emissions standards. Mazda Canada Inc. only processes request forms for vehicles that were distributed and sold as new in Canada. Requests are processed in the order they arrive with processing time being approximately 10 business days from the day of receipt.

      For vehicles originally distributed and sold as new in the USA. Please access the International Import/Export Request Form at the Mazda North American Operations website here or contact their Customer Experience Center at 1(800)222-5500 for more infomration. 

      To receive documentation for a vehicle sold as new in Canada, you must obtain and complete an Export/Import Request Form. Once completed, send to the Mazda Canada Inc. office. If you have any problems downloading this document, please contact the Customer Relations Department for Mazda Canada Inc. at 1(800)263-4680 for assistance.

  • I have a complaint to log. Who do I contact?
    • Your local Mazda dealership management is best placed to address any complaint you may have. If a service or sales grievance has not been addressed by the manager of a specific department, please contact the general manager at your local dealership.

      If you have followed this process and are still not satisfied then you may address your concern through Mazda Canada Customer Relations at: 1(800)263-4680 within 48 to 72 hours. Please make sure you have available:

      • Vehicle Identification Number
      • Vehicle odometer reading
      • Dealership name
      • Dealership contact information
      • Approximate dates and time original event occurred
      • Detail of concern or issues