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SiriusXM™ offers 120 channels of commercial-free music, plus the biggest names in talk, sports, comedy and entertainment. SiriusXM™-equipped Mazda vehicles come with a 6-month subscription for 2017 models and a 3-month subscription for 2018 models to the XM Select+ plan with complimentary online listening. Enjoy a selection of premium programming including MLB® and NHL® games and more. You’ll also hear world-class news from award-winning journalists, and great family and kids content. SiriusXM™ service is subscription-based, where subscribers pay a monthly fee. For more information, please visit

Activate SiriusXM™ in your Mazda

If your Mazda is equipped with SiriusXM™, you will automatically receive a free trial subscription: 2018 and later models receive a 3-month trial, while 2017 models receive a 6-month trial. To continue your subscription after the complimentary trial, you can do so in 3 easy steps:

1. Get your SiriusXM™ Radio ID

Tune your radio on the SiriusXM™ band to channel 0 (zero) and take down your 8-digit Radio ID.

2. Contact SiriusXM™

Activate your service online at You will need your billing information ready, including a credit card number and expiry date. You can also activate by calling 1-888-539-7474.

3. Send the signal™

Ensure your vehicle is parked outside with an unobstructed view of the sky. Then enter your Radio ID at or call 1-888-539-7474 and request a resend. It may take a few minutes before the activation signal is processed.

Mazda SiriusXM™ FAQ

  • Does SiriusXM work everywhere in Canada?
    • SiriusXM™ reaches virtually all Canadians. With four high-orbit satellites and terrestrial repeaters, Canadians on every coast and in the far north can enjoy digital-quality music, news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels.

  • How do you use SiriusXM?
    • Once activated, SiriusXM™ works just like a regular in-dash radio. To access, push the AUX or SAT button to locate service and use the TUNE and SEEK functions to move through channels and radio display will show the artist name and song title information.

  • What is my Radio ID, and how can I find it?
    • Your Radio ID is a 8-digit alphanumeric code that identifies your SiriusXM™ service. To find your ID, tune your SiriusXM™ radio to channel 0 (zero) and it will appear in the display.

  • Is there mature content on SiriusXM?
    • Yes, some SiriusXM™ channels do have mature content. If you would prefer not to receive these channels, you can simply call SiriusXM™'s toll-free customer service line at 1-888-539-7474 and ask for the Family Programming Package.