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Exact dollar amount dependant upon Mazda Canada dealership participation; total contribution will be up to $1 million.


The care that was put into keeping Canadians safe has made a busy holiday shopping season possible. But with that same care and measures like lockdowns, small businesses across the country suffered major setbacks – tens of thousands were even forced to close their doors.

The Mazda Local Legends program helps restore community spirit for the holidays by supporting and rebuilding small businesses across Canada. With our help and the help of conscious Canadian shoppers, each small business stands a chance to serve their communities long after the holidays are over. Mazda Canada is proud to present Canada’s very own – Mazda Local Legends.


As an east Toronto wellness staple, Chi Junky offers their community a reprieve from the everyday stresses of the world. Its philosophies are based on founder Rachelle Wintzen’s personal experiences and journey to health, with a mission to create a space that brings wellbeing to as many people as possible.

The funding from the Mazda Local Legends program allows Chi Junky to welcome back its highly capable staff, improve its ability to provide safe and welcoming classes, and to reenergize east Toronto (plus anyone joining online), to step into their Chi.


A cultural haven located in the picturesque town of Port Hope, the Capitol Theatre hosted 320 events and more than 87,000 guests in 2019. Due to the effects of the pandemic, after 2020, the Theatre became as silent as the films that preceded its grand opening almost a century ago.

Funding from the Mazda Local Legends program restores the theatre’s ability to once again be the centre of its community, create unforgettable artistic experiences and support the enduring passion of the community it serves. The world’s a stage – and the Capitol is back to playing its many parts.



Our commitment to local communities across Canada is endlessly inspired by the community-powered rebuilding of our home in Hiroshima and made possible with the contributions of our 163 dealers country wide. Our legacy and our dedication to local communities has led us to one simple belief – that no matter what obstacles wait for us on the road ahead, nothing can stop us when we face them together.

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With the help of Canadian nominations and our dealer partners across the country, Mazda Canada is donating up to 1 million dollars to support local businesses.