Driving Enthusiasts, this One Is for You.

The 2017 MX5 takes no shortcuts, neither in its destination nor its design. With the freedom of the open air and the performance of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, embrace the open road ahead and relish the meticulous engineering that makes the MX5 the bestselling roadster in history.

50/50 Balance

Keeping Perfection in Balance.

For Mazda engineers, harmony is not simply an ideal; it’s a promise. That’s why, for more than a quarter of a century, every MX‑5 has been designed with near perfect 50/50 weight distribution for a smoother, more connected driving experience. Of course, the delicate harmony of the front mid‑ship engine and rearwheeldrive configuration is not balanced without you, the driver, sitting behind the wheel.

Less Weight

Light on its Feet. Powerful where it Matters Most.

How can a car so historically lightweight possibly undergo such an aggressive weight loss? By using materials like aluminum and ultra‑hightensile steel, the MX‑5 has shed 20% of the weight of its previous generation model without sacrificing superior handling and stability. Its lightweight, receptive driving dynamics make driving this vehicle a purely breathtaking experience.

KODO Design 

The Roadster Designed with Drivers in Mind.

From its strikingly muscular appearance, to its sensationally intuitive feel, every stitch and seam of the 2017 MX‑5 is woven together meticulously with the principles of KODO design to ensure a profound connection between the driver and his vehicle. Master your surroundings with a parabolic‑type LED high beam carefully positioned on its beautifully sloped hood for stunning visibility. Sit back in your leathertrimmed seats†† designed to reduce vibration and improve handling. Comfortable on the inside yet aerodynamic on the outside, the MX‑5 is designed to quickly respond to instinct and offer a compellingly thrilling drive. 


Generations of Passionate Driving

Mazda debuted the MX‑5 in 1989, quickly captivating car enthusiasts with its sleek, compact design and signature rounded tail lights. Since then, fans and collectors have assembled clubs across the world to celebrate this timeless vehicle. Four generations and one million dedicated owners later, the MX‑5 is the proud winner of many awards, including the 2016 World Car and World Car Design Awards.

The MX‑5’s lightweight build and aerodynamic body have established it as an iconic race car, with more Mazdas and Mazdapowered vehicles raced on any given weekend than any other car. The SCCA Mazda MX‑5 World Cup has ran for over a decade, featuring many notable up‑and‑coming racers, reminding car enthusiasts that the MX‑5 is just as exhilarating on the road as it is on the race track.

Next Steps

  • Legal
    • ††Available on the GS model with Sport Package and standard on the GT model

      *MAZDA UNLIMITED refers only to an unlimited mileage warranty program under the terms of which there are no mileage limitations on the following specific Mazda warranties: (i) 3-year new vehicle; (ii) 3-year roadside assistance; (iii) 5-year powertrain; and (iv) 7-year anti-perforation. MAZDA UNLIMITED is standard on all new models. All Mazda warranties remain subject to the terms, limitations and restrictions available at mazdaunlimited.ca.