Embrace All Dimensions of a Great Drive.

The all-new 2017 CX‑5 has been completely revitalized to promote everything you love about driving. From a newly refined interior, to even more safety innovations, the 2017 CX‑5 is an advanced, robust SUV that you’ll love to drive.


Finely Honed Beauty.

The 2017 CX‑5 with revitalized KODO design elevates both beauty and the toughness you expect in an SUV. The redesigned front grille, lower‑placed headlights and LED fog light bezels accentuate the sense of flow and speed. And inside, the interior’s exquisite fit and finish use materials that feel smooth to the touch.

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Elegance in the Details
Elegance in the Details

The smallest details, such as the perfect placement of the instrument panel, express a uniquely Japanese, premium craftsmanship.

KODO Design
KODO Design

Designed for a bolder, more athletic and more sophisticated feel, the 2017 CX‑5 truly embodies Mazda’s KODO “Soul of Motion” design.

Fine Art in Motion

Fine Art in Motion

Traditional Japanese fine craftsmanship makes the CX‑5 both a living piece of art that evokes excitement and a beautiful machine that delivers on its promise of joyful driving.


Embrace S Curves.

Winner of the 2017 AJAC Best New Innovation Technology Award

SKYACTIV‑VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G‑Vectoring Control (GVC) works behind the scenes to achieve a smoother, less fatiguing drive for you and your passengers by subtly adjusting engine torque, intentionally optimizing vehicle weight transfer during every day commutes and spirited drives alike. The result is steering that is more precise, reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), and a more comfortable ride. Winner of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada’s (AJAC) award for Best New Technology 2017.

More Confidence
More Confidence

Due to irregularities and undulations in the road surface, your vehicle does not always travel along the expected line, forcing you to make steering corrections. With GVC, your CX‑5 responds to driver inputs with fewer steering adjustments, so your vehicle behaves as you intend and you enjoy a more confident drive.

More Comfort Promo
More Comfort

Fatigue steadily builds as you continue to make minor steering corrections. GVC helps alleviate these corrections, especially over long distances. Plus, smooth transitions between G‑forces, suppresses head and body sway, allowing for a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

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Enhanced Peace of Mind

GVC enhances handling, stability and the feeling of the tires gripping the road. You’ll gain an even greater feeling of control and security during evasive manoeuvres as well as in rain, snow and on poor road surfaces.

Interior Refinement

Inside the Joy of Driving

The all‑new 2017 CX‑5 offers a cabin rich in thoughtful touches that make life in the driver’s seat – and passengers’ seats – a joy. From the perfect positioning of the instrument panel and reclining rear seats, to an abundance of standard features like HMI Commander switch, the CX‑5’s human‑centric cabin is a perfect match for the long haul and the everyday.

Interior Refinement 1 title
Metal Wood

The newly refined decorative panel is crafted from high‑grade Metal Wood, a material that blends the warmth of wood with the toughness of metal to express greater depth of field.

Interior Refinement Promo 2 title
Peace and Quiet

We focused on creating a quieter ride by significantly reducing the transmission of noise generated by tires as well as wind – especially at highway speeds – so you can fully enjoy conversation, music and more.

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Your Passengers Will Love You

Your passengers will never feel left out. The CX‑5 offers upgraded features such as heated rear seats, recline functionality, USB recharging ports and rear vents‡‡.


At Mazda, we’re all about proactive safety measures that swing into action to alert you so that you can avoid a collision or lessen its impact. Now available on more models and with new features on offer, our suite of i‑ACTIVSENSE safety technologies help you stay in tune with your CX‑5 and focus on the road ahead.

Smart Brake Support (SBS)**

Smart Brake Support (SBS)**

SBS** can help avoid or reduce the severity of a collision at speeds above 16 km/hour and will alert the driver and apply the brakes in the case of an impending collision.

Distance Recognition Support title
Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS)**

Above 30 km/hr, the Distance Recognition Support System** measures the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead and recommends a comfortable following distance.

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Traffic Sign Recognition system (TSR)††

New for 2017 model year, Traffic Sign Recognition system†† uses cameras to read road signs such as speed limit, do not enter and stop signs†††. The colour Active Driving Display shows this information so you can stay informed without taking your eyes off the road.

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Lane‑keep Assist System (LAS)**

Rather than keeping the CX‑5 centred between two lines, as some systems do, causing an unnatural “tug” on the steering wheel, LAS** takes driver intention into account, helping the CX‑5 ease into turns and lane changes.


10-Speaker Bose® Premium Sound System‡
10‑Speaker Bose® Premium Sound System

Custom‑built for the CX‑5, we worked with Bose® to devise a system that considered hundreds of factors, from cabin size and materials to seat positioning and the unique sound variances of today’s digital devices. The result is outstanding clarity, image and power.

Next Steps

  • Legal
    • Standard on the GT model.

      Standard on the GS and GT models.

      ‡‡Available on the GS model with Comfort Package with i‑ACTIV AWD and standard on the GT model.

      ††Available on the GT model with Technology Package.

      †††TSR functionality may not be compatible with all regional road signs in Canada.

      **Available on the GS model with i‑ACTIVSENSE Package and the GT model with Technology Package. (i‑ACTIVSENSE Packages requires i‑ACTIV AWD and Comfort Package)

      *MAZDA UNLIMITED refers only to an unlimited mileage warranty program under the terms of which there are no mileage limitations on the following specific Mazda warranties: (i) 3-year new vehicle; (ii) 3-year roadside assistance; (iii) 5‑year powertrain; and (iv) 7‑year anti-perforation. MAZDA UNLIMITED is standard on all new models. All Mazda warranties remain subject to the terms, limitations and restrictions available at mazdaunlimited.ca.