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About Mazda Canada

Celebrating our 50th year in Canada, Mazda Canada proudly offers Canadians vehicles that celebrate the joy of driving. Established in 1968, we are a subsidiary of Mazda Motor Corporation based in Hiroshima, Japan. With regional offices in Montreal, Vancouver and Richmond Hill, and a head office in Richmond Hill, we employ 150 Canadians across these locations.

As of 2018, there are 164 independently owned, franchised Mazda dealers across Canada. Internationally, we are a part of a family of distributors, research centres and affiliated companies that span the globe.


We’ve come a long way in 97 years. With some of the most innovative thinking in the auto industry, what started as a small, independent cork manufacturer in Hiroshima, Japan, now stands as a global leader in the production of commercial and passenger vehicles.

Today, Mazda Motor Corporation, still based in Hiroshima, Japan, manufactures a diverse line of passenger and commercial vehicles, and is one of the largest employers in western Japan.

Mazda’s roots trace back to 1920 and a tiny company known as Toyo Cork Kogyo. By 1931, the name had changed to Toyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. and was manufacturing three-wheel trucks for export to China. In 1960, the first passenger car rolled off the assembly line, and the Mazda name found its place on open highways and winding roads around the world.

In the 50 years since Mazda arrived in Canada, we’ve built a reputation for uncompromising quality, outstanding value and vehicles that are a thrill to drive. Our success is largely thanks to Kansei Engineering, a unique philosophy that accounts for human thoughts, feelings and emotions in the design process. How else would you explain the enduring popularity of distinctive Mazda designs like the MX-5 and Mazda3?


Our heritage is reinforced by the efforts of our Global R&D Network, as well as groundbreaking partnerships with progressive forces in the automotive industry. Our recent agreement with Toyota to license their hybrid technology for future vehicles is a perfect example of this.


As we craft vehicles that people love to drive the world over, we also remain committed to our role as a global corporate citizen. In 2008, Mazda announced the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom plan that is dedicated to environmental harmony between cars, society and nature.

Our environmental commitment extends to developing our groundbreaking Skyactiv Technology and pioneering research into alternative fuel sources like compressed natural gas, hydrogen and electricity. We’re also eliminating the production of CFCs and the use of asbestos in the manufacture of cars.

At Mazda, we’re in the business of delivering spirited, stylish and insightful vehicles that share our passion for the road with our customers. Backed by our history of pioneering groundbreaking, fun-to-drive vehicles and technologies, the future is bright as we excite and delight our customers with innovative products and services for years to come.