More than a Destination.

In everything we do, we aspire to make your driving experience as intuitive as possible. Creating a oneness between you and your vehicle. Putting you at the centre and in command of every moment of the journey ahead.


Open Up New Roads.

For the first time in its history, the Mazda3 Sport will have an available all-wheel-drive system†† offering enhanced support on our uncertain Canadian roads.

April 2019 availability.

React and respond

React and respond

i-Activ AWD uses 27 sensors to predict changing road conditions 200 times per second. The system reacts immediately, distributing power to each wheel as needed. This ensures that the vehicle remains in perfect harmony with the driver, no matter the road conditions.

Efficient at every turn

Efficient at every turn

When reimagining the Mazda3 Sport, our engineers sought to defy the perception of all-wheel drive as inefficient. This version of i-Activ AWD saves fuel by distributing power only at the exact moment you need it.

Design that Moves You

Movement by Design.

Traditional Japanese aesthetics dispose of unnecessary details in favour of minimal yet captivating designs. Lines that reflect light and shadow give the Mazda3 Sport a sense of motion, even at a standstill.

See Kodo Design

An Interior Made for You

Put Yourself at the Centre.

Your space. Your sanctuary. Every element of the Mazda3 Sport’s driver-centric cabin is situated strategically within reach, giving you the feeling that this vehicle was designed just for you.

Engaged driving

Engaged driving

After sitting in the Mazda3 Sport for even a few moments, you’ll notice how natural it feels. The driver’s seat supports you in comfort. The instrumentation panel and control placement is optimized to minimize distraction.



The 2019 Mazda3 Sport offers our quietest cabin yet. It achieves a fine balance between minimizing unnecessary road noise and allowing certain sounds that retain the natural sensation of driving. As a result, your connection to the road is heightened. Your levels of stress and fatigue are lowered. It’s these small details that are capable of energizing you, even at a standstill.

Exquisite Sound

A Concert Hall in Your Car.

The Mazda3 Sport’s sound system has been completely redesigned to create a captivating experience. To achieve this, speakers were placed strategically around the cabin to deliver high-quality, clear audio at both low and high volumes – much like you would experience in a concert hall. Together with Bose®, we’ve set the stage for audio that is worlds away from anything you’ve heard before.


Starting with a larger 8.8" display, the Mazda Connect infotainment system was redesigned to facilitate quicker and easier communication. The larger screen provides enhanced visibility with faster response times. With our reimagined connectivity, communication becomes second nature by design.

Quicker and clearer

Quicker and clearer

The Mazda Connect user interface and software were redesigned to create an optimized user experience. Faster than ever, the updated system allows you to receive information precisely when you need it.

Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM

Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

Connectivity apps for your smartphone bring fully integrated music, phone calls, text and email messaging, map functionality and more to your drive. It’s a convenient way to take your world with you wherever you go.

Engaged Driving

One with the Drive.

Every consideration has been made to make the Mazda3 feel as if it were built just for you. This is the human-centric design philosophy known as Jinba Ittai – horse and rider as one. You feel as though your Mazda is an extension of your body, effortlessly responding to your every direction.

A dynamic drive

A dynamic drive

Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture defies convention. From the chassis to the transmission to the engine and beyond, we’ve designed our cars to be responsive and efficient, combining outstanding fuel economy with performance while enhancing the joy from driving.

G-Vectoring Control Plus

G-Vectoring Control Plus

We believe that even small changes can create a more enriching driving experience. G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus) improves handling and braking. You enjoy steering and braking that are more precise and a ride that is more comfortable for drivers and passengers.

Intuitive Safety

Advanced Safety Features.

The perfect drive is a safe drive. As our safety technologies advance, we work to make car accidents a thing of the past. New and enhanced active and passive safety features pave the road to making that a reality. The available i-Activsense‡ suite of safety features alert you to hazards and help you avoid collisions or lessen their impact. Helping you be more confident behind the wheel.

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  • Legal
    • ††Optional on the GS and GT models. Available April 2019.

      Not all i-Activsense features are available on all models.

      Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

      Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.

      *Mazda Unlimited refers only to an unlimited mileage warranty program under the terms of which there are no mileage limitations on the following specific Mazda warranties: (i) 3-year new vehicle; (ii) 3-year roadside assistance; (iii) 5-year powertrain; and(iv) 7-year anti-perforation. Mazda Unlimited is standard on all new models. All Mazda warranties remain subject to the terms, limitations, and restrictions available at mazdaunlimited.ca.