Submit MX-5 Photo

To celebrate the MX-5 winning AJAC’s Best Sports/Performance Car in Canada for 2022, we’re asking fans from around the globe to share their love for the MX-5! We’re inviting everyone to participate by uploading pictures with their MX-5 for a chance to be featured in an exciting, celebratory video! Please note that the deadline for photography submissions is May 23, 2022. All pictures should be uploaded through the upload button below with the hashtag #MX5Cheer. Detailed instructions can be found below.

How to participate:

  • Take 3 Photos in total
  • Include the entire Mazda in each of the photos
  • Hold the camera or phone at eye level and horizontally. (Choose the 16:9 option where possible)

The Photos:

  • Each photo should be taken at the front wheel (M), the driver door (X), and the back wheel (5)
  • All 3 pictures must be uploaded through the Mazda Community Hub page
  • After clicking on “Upload your photos, the hashtag #MX5Cheer must be included in comments
  • Have fun!

Image 1: Make an “M” with your arms, standing at the front of the wheel

Image 2: Make an “X” with your arms, standing at the driver door

Image 3: Make an “5” with your hand, standing at the back wheel

iPhone example below:

  1. Open camera
  2. Tap the arrow at the top of the screen
  3. Choose 16:9 option