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  • What is my username?
    • Your username is the login name you entered during the registration process, when you created your navigation user account. If you forget your username, you can also use your email address as a username. Alternatively, use our Forgot username or password page to recover your username.

Updating - The update process

Updating - Common Questions / Problems

Mazda Update Toolbox – General questions

  • What is Mazda Update Toolbox?
    • Mazda Update Toolbox is a free computer tool used to manage the content on your SD Card, create backups, and download and install maps and updates.

Common error messages in Mazda Update Toolbox


  • I know where I am going. Why do I need a navigation system?
    • GPS navigation helps you find the most efficient routes to your destinations, saving you time, fuel and money. Your Mazda navigation system gives you more than just directions from A to B, it helps you to find the things you need, the nearest car park, hotel, fuel station or restaurant. With the added benefits of traffic information, it will also offer an alternative route when your usual route is congested. For peace of mind, it can pinpoint your exact location should you need roadside assistance.

  • What are the advantages of the Mazda in-dash navigation system?
    • The Mazda navigation system is designed to meet safety regulations and automotive specifications. The unit links into the vehicle electronics, such as the speed sensor and gyro sensor, to provide dead reckoning when the GPS signal is lost thus keeping you on track. The screen size and quality is optimized for viewing and is also ergonomically positioned on the dashboard to ensure minimal driver distraction. Combined with all other multimedia functions, in-dash navigation enables a more comfortable driving experience. 

  • Why should I update my maps?
    • An up-to-date map guides you with the most accurate and efficient routing to help you save time. The road network is constantly changing, but having a fresh map ensures you have the wealth of information you need to find your destination with ease. This includes new and updated road networks, new build up areas and thousands of Points of Interest - from fuel stations to airports and from restaurants to hotels. With a new map you can be comfortable knowing that you have the latest information available for your Navigation System, providing you with a better travel experience whether on business or leisure.

  • Who provides the map data?
    • Mazda uses HERE Maps as their provider as they are the world leader in premium-quality digital map data and content. The HERE map is built on the roads of the world by over 2,000 geographic analysts and produces a map that the world turns to 100 million times each day.

  • My Navigation System does not always display what I know is the shortest/fastest route?
    • We all know shortcuts within our local areas that we use avoid rush hour traffic or poorly timed traffic lights. Navigation systems calculate routes using the detailed information within the map database and take into account various circumstances including actual distance, average speed, physical / functional classification of the road, turn restrictions and more. Personal preferences can be factored into the route if your navigation system offers the functionality to input preferences into the system. Such preferences could include motorways, toll roads, emphasizing speed over distance, and allowing the user to avoid specific roads or areas. 

Mazda Update Toolbox and content installation

  • What is Mazda Update Toolbox?
    • Mazda Update Toolbox is a free computer tool used to manage the content on your SD Card, create backups, and download and install maps and updates.


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