7th Gen

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Bluetooth® audio?
    • Bluetooth® audio allows you to play music wirelessly through your vehicle’s audio system using a compatible, Bluetooth®-equipped device that has been paired with the system.

  • How do I make calls using voice recognition?
    • When your paired phone is in the vehicle and turned on, you can make and answer calls without touching your phone. Just follow these simple commands and the system will walk you through the rest of the commands with ease.

      At any time you may press the TALK button and after the beep say:

      • “CALL” + the person’s name you want to call (example: “CALL JOHN SMITH”).
      • “DIAL” + the number you want to dial (example: “CALL 555-1212”).
      • “REDIAL” to call the last contact dialed.
  • Why is it sometimes hard to hear my Bluetooth® through the audio speakers?
    • This may be due to an improperly adjusted volume control setting on the mobile phone or audio device. For best performance when using Bluetooth®, first adjust the volume level on your mobile phone or audio device to the highest possible level before distortion starts, then adjust the volume on the audio system.

      Some vehicles exhibit low volume when using Bluetooth®. This requires the audio volume to be turned unusually high to achieve normal listening levels. When you’re finished using Bluetooth®, reduce the volume level again because the audio system re-engages and high volumes can occur on other modes including radio or CD.


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