If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes
Message Indicated on Display
Message Indicated in Multi-information Display (Some Models)
Warning Sound is Activated

Lights-On Reminder

The lights-on reminder is operable when the time setting*1 of the auto headlight off function is off.

If lights are on and the ignition is switched to ACC or off, a continuous beep sound will be heard when the driver's door is opened.

  1. If the light switch is left on, the auto headlight off function automatically turns off the lights about 30 seconds after switching the ignition off. The time setting can be changed.

    Refer to Personalization Features (Search).


  • When the ignition is switched to ACC, the “Ignition Not Switched Off (STOP) Warning Beep” (Search) overrides the lights-on reminder.

  • A personalized function is available to change the sound volume for the lights-on reminder.

    Refer to Personalization Features (Search).

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