Spare Tire and Tool Storage
Changing a Flat Tire


To remove the jack

  1. Set the third-row seatbacks to their on-road positions.

  2. Raise the luggage board.


  3. Raise the luggage board a little while pulling it towards you, and then insert the bottom edge into the holders.


  4. (Vehicles with luggage mat)

    Store the luggage mat between the third-row seatbacks and the luggage board.

    1. Raise the luggage mat.


    2. Remove the luggage mat.

    3. Insert the luggage mat between the luggage board and the third-row seatbacks.



      When inserting the luggage mat, support the luggage board with one hand so that it does not come off the holders.

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  5. Remove the cover on the right side.


  6. Remove the cargo sub compartment.


  7. Turn the wing bolt and jack screw counterclockwise.


To secure the jack

  1. Insert the wing bolt into the jack with the jack screw pointing back and turn the wing bolt clockwise to temporarily tighten it.

  2. Tighten the jack screw clockwise.


  3. Turn the wing bolt completely to secure the jack.


    If the jack is not completely secured, it could rattle while driving. Make sure the jack screw is sufficiently tightened.

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  • Always keep the jack clean.

  • Make sure the moving parts are kept free from dirt or rust.

  • Make sure the screw thread is adequately lubricated.