Exterior Care
Interior Care

Leather Upholstery Maintenance (Some Models)

  1. Remove dust and sand using a vacuum cleaner.

  2. Wipe off the soiled area with a soft cloth and a suitable, special cleaner or a soft cloth soaked in a mild detergent (about 5%) diluted with water.

  3. Wipe off the remaining detergent using a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out well.

  4. Remove moisture with a dry, soft cloth and allow the leather to further dry in a well-ventilated, shaded area. If the leather gets wet such as from rain, remove the moisture and dry it as soon as possible.


  • Because genuine leather is a natural material, its surface is not uniform and it may have natural scars, scratches, and wrinkles.

  • To maintain the quality for as long as possible, periodical maintenance, about twice a year, is recommended.

  • If the leather upholstery comes into contact with any of the following, clean it immediately.

    Leaving it uncleaned could cause premature wear, mold, or stains.

    • Sand or dirt

    • Grease or oil, such as hand cream

    • Alcohol, such as in cosmetic or hair dressing items

  • If the leather upholstery gets wet, promptly remove moisture with a dry cloth. Remaining moisture on the surface may cause deterioration such as hardening and shrinkage.

  • Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods may cause deterioration and shrinkage. When parking the car under direct sunlight for long periods, shade the interior using sunshades.

  • Do not leave vinyl products on the leather upholstery for long periods. They may affect the leather quality and coloring. If the cabin temperature becomes hot, the vinyl may deteriorate and adhere to the genuine leather.

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