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This displays the approximate distance you can travel on the remaining fuel based on the fuel economy.

The distance-to-empty will be calculated and displayed every second.



  • Even though the distance-to-empty display may indicate a sufficient amount of remaining driving distance before refueling is required, refuel as soon as possible if the fuel level is very low or the low fuel warning light illuminates.

  • The display will not change unless you add more than approximately 9 L (2.3 US gal, 1.9 Imp gal) of fuel.

  • The distance-to-empty is the approximate remaining distance the vehicle can be driven until all the graduation marks in the fuel gauge indicating the remaining fuel supply disappear.

  • If there is no past fuel economy information such as after first purchasing your vehicle or the information is deleted when the battery cables are disconnected, the actual distance-to empty/range may differ from the amount indicated.

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