Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions
Fuel-Filler Lid and Cap

Emission Control System

This vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part of this system) that enables the vehicle to comply with existing exhaust emissions requirements.


Never park over or near anything flammable:

Parking over or near anything flammable, such as dry grass, is dangerous. Even with the engine turned off, the exhaust system remains very hot after normal use and could ignite anything flammable. A resulting fire could cause serious injury or death.

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Ignoring the following precautions could cause lead to accumulate on the catalyst inside the converter or cause the converter to get very hot. Either condition will damage the converter and cause poor performance.


  • Do not drive your Mazda with any sign of engine malfunction.

  • Do not coast with the ignition switched off.

  • Do not descend steep grades in gear with the ignition switched off.

  • Do not operate the engine at high idle for more than 2 minutes.

  • Do not tamper with the emission control system. All inspections and adjustments must be made by a qualified technician.

  • Do not push-start or pull-start your vehicle.

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  • Under U.S. federal law, any modification to the original-equipment emission control system before the first sale and registration of a vehicle is subject to penalties. In some states, such modification made on a used vehicle is also subject to penalties.

  • While the engine is off, the sound of a valve opening and closing can be heard at the rear of the vehicle, however this does not indicate an abnormality. The vehicle has a self-checking device and it operates while the engine is off.

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