Mazda SIRIUS Satellite Radio

How it Works

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is an entertainment service offering 120 channels of music, talk, and sports entertainment utilizing a network of four satellites and terrestrial repeaters. The service is subscription based, where subscribers with a SIRIUS-equipped radio pay a monthly fee.

All of SIRIUS' music channels are commercial free. With a wide variety of content, subscribers can truly personalize their radio listening. For more information on SIRIUS content, please visit

Does SIRIUS work everywhere in Canada?

SIRIUS reaches virtually all Canadians. With four high-orbit satellites, Canadians on every coast and in the far north can enjoy digital-quality music, news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels. SIRIUS' satellites' geosynchronous and geostationary orbits allow for a higher "look-angle" to radios, ensuring better reception in areas with tall buildings. And in larger cities where a density of tall buildings may cause periodic interference for satellites, "terrestrial" ground repeaters will enhance the signal.

How to Use the Radio

It's easy -- once activated, SIRIUS radio works just like a regular in-dash radio. To access SIRIUS Satellite Radio, push the AUX or SAT button to locate the SIRIUS. Then use the TUNE and SEEK functions to move through channels and categories. The radio display will show the artist name and song title information.

Finding the SIRIUS ESN

To find the SIRIUS ESN -- Electronic Serial Number, tune your SIRIUS radio to channel 0 (zero) and it will appear in the display.